Antenna Measurement


Our equipments cover various fields such as: satellite, radar, base stations, mobile antennas,

SIEPEL offers compact ranges, nearfield / farfield / telecom chambers.


Anechoic chamber
SIEPEL designs, manufactures and installs anechoic chambers for EMC and microwave: EMC Chambers: dedicated to pre-compliance or compliance testing according to EN, ANSI, MIL-STD, DO standards....
These chambers are specifically designed for the test of satellites antennas
High power absorber
  AHP absorbers are designed to line specific areas subject to hight power densities (from 2W/cm² CW and above) in applications such as Telecom / Wireless Satellite Automotive Military etc... Thanks...
SIEPEL manufactures high performances modular shielded rooms: double-layer sandwich type and single-layer pan type. The shielding effectiveness performances meet the requirements of current standards...
Silicone absorber
  ASI are flexible absorbers made of elastomer resin and a magnetic load especially designed for outdoor environments available as 300 x 300 mm tiles to be glued over metal plates. Silicones...
Siepel provide chambers dedicated to host nearfield test systems for antenna measurement applications including the testing of antennas used in satellites, PCS / wireless, radar systems and many...
Pyramidal foam
APM is a range of high performances broadband electromagnetic absorbers. Each absorber consists of a single block of high tech polyurethanefoam pyramidal-shaped and impregnated with a sophisticated...
Radar chamber
Nearfield and other radar measurements
Radio / Telecom anechoic chamber
We are mostly considering fully anechoic chambers dedicated to ETSI and international telecommunication standards
Siepel is required to integrate measuring instruments under turnkey projects and has skills to set up, calibrate, deliver and commission these RF measuring equipments and softwares.