Electromagnetic Absorbers

SIEPEL manufactures a wide range of microwave absorbers in their French premises in addition to their shielding workshops.

Absorbers are tested in-factory during the various manufacturing processes to ensure the best quality is delivered to our customers. Their reflectivity performances are tested in our in-house laboratories:
- 30 MHz – 2 GHz: Coaxial line for S11 time domain measurements.
- 2 GHz – 50 GHz: Full Anechoic Chamber for S21 time domain measurements.

Siepel has developed a specific plastic coating providing several technical advantages such as:
- Improvement of brightness inside chambers
- Mechanical resistance and softness
- No need for any kind of plastic covering which may damage reflectivity performances at high frequencies.
- Large range of colors available

Our standard products handle RF power up to 2 kW/m². Above, high power absorbers are available (AHP type).

Our R&D department keeps improving and developing new products. Since 1992, several outstanding types of absorbers have been introduced on the world market: multi-layer broadband pyramidal absorbers, outdoor microwave absorbers …