EMC software

Developed for a Windows environment, ACEMC is a suite of measurement software for testing electromagnetic, compatibility and radio measurement according to most of the standards used in the industrial, military, aeronautics, automotive, telecommunications, railway and aerospace sectors.
Of open design, ACEMC can make use of most of the measuring devices on the market, present in a driver library that the user can extend at will.
ACEMC can be used to create monitoring applications, based on a code that is supplied, allowing the performing of operations defined by the user during testing.
The results of the measurements can be displayed, via a dedicated “Graph” module, in the form of configurable plots (colour, appearance, etc.).

ACCSYS-ACEMC is divided into three main modules:
Ø  The “Hardware setup” module
Ø  The “Calibration” modules
Ø  The “Measurement” module 

ACCSYS-ACEMC covers many types of tests and in particular:
ØRadiated and conducted immunity testing
ØImmunity to Direct Power Injections - DPI
ØMagnetic field immunity
ØRadiated immunity test in a reverberation chamber
ØRadiated and conducted emission testing
ØMeasuring of emissions in a reverberation chamber
ØScreening effectiveness measuring
ØAntenna radiation field pattern measurement
ØRadio sensitivity measurement
ØMeasurement of spurious emissions

More information available on Accsys website: www.accsys-fr.fr