Reverberation chambers

Reverberation chambers (MSRC) are metallic cavities fitted with a mode stirrer; the resonances of the cavity are modified in a random fashion by mode stirring in order to obtain a field that is considered statistically uniform. Reverberation chambers allow producing high fields, up to several hundreds or thousands of V/m, with optimized input power. They illuminate the equipment under test (EUT) with isotropic radiation.
These test facilities, dedicated to radiated disturbances measurements, are increasingly used for military, aerospace and automotive applications in response to MIL STD, DO, EN and automotive standards.

Our long experience and R&D have enabled us to achieve unique reverberation chambers: new solutions dedicated to the measurement of emission and immunity in high field strengths.

The Lowest Usable Frequency (LUF) determines the model of reverberation chamber : EOLE 80 (LUF 80 MHz), EOLE 200 (LUF 200 MHz), EOLE 400 (LUF 400 MHz), EOLE 1000 (LUF 1 GHz). Customised design upon request.

We issued and printed a reverberation chamber guidebook; Contact us to get a copy

EOLE 150
EOLE 600
EOLE 700

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