SIEPEL International

Since 1986, SIEPEL has been manufacturing shielded enclosures, microwave absorbers, reverberation chambers and anechoic chambers either standard solutions or custom designs / turnkey deliveries. Our worldwide representatives distribute our solutions with local support.

Our products are dedicated to EMC, EMI, EMS, RCS, Cyber / Tempest, NEMP, HIRF and antenna testing.
We also supply turnkey deliveries including test instruments, EMC software & training.

 We offer one of the fastest delivery schedules & off the shelves equipment in the industry.

Customers take benefit of one place hosting project management, quality, workshops, R&D, RF test capabilities.

Over the last 30 years, SIEPEL has always provided innovative designs & products.


Compliance to REACH and RoHS: We comply with current regulations to provide our customers with the best guarantees in terms of environmental regulations.


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