Electromagnetic Absorbers

SIEPEL manufactures a wide range of microwave absorbers in their French premises in addition to their shielding workshops.

Absorbers are tested in-factory during the various manufacturing processes to ensure the best quality is delivered to our customers. Their reflectivity performances are tested in our in-house laboratories:
- 30 MHz – 2 GHz: Coaxial line for S11 time domain measurements.
- 2 GHz – 50 GHz: Full Anechoic Chamber for S21 time domain measurements.


Automotive chambers

These chambers are dedicated to components, subsystems or car testing according to manufacturers and international standards


Pyramidal foam (APM / APX)

APM is a range of high performances broadband electromagnetic absorbers.
Each absorber consists of a single block of high tech polyurethane foam pyramidal-shaped and impregnated with a sophisticated carbon-based aqueous solution.
APM are suitable for broadband applications and are used to line semi-anechoic and fully anechoic chambers for antenna measurements Radar Cross Section compact ranges telecom EMC military applications.


Hybrids (HY)


The combination of ferrite tiles performances at lower frequencies and pyramidal matched
absorbers in the upper frequency range results in broadband reflectivity performances from 30 MHz to 18
GHz and even more thus making it possible to use HYFRAL HY absorbers in EMC anechoic chambers for
EMI and EMS testing according to both commercial and military standards.



Ferrites (FE)

FERRITE ABSORBERS are installed in anechoic chambers (5 or 6 walls) thanks to horizontal metallic profiles screwed on vertical rails assembled together with the stell framing of the chamber.

In full anechoic chambers floor tiles are directly put on the ground plane and covered with a radio transparent protective layer.


> 1000 MHz: EOLE 1000

EOLE 1000 reverberation chambers are dedicated to Military / aeronautics.


> 400 MHz: EOLE 400


EOLE 400 reverberation chambers are dedicated to Military / aeronautics


> 200 MHz: EOLE 200

EOLE 200 reverberation chambers are dedicated to automotive (tests on subsystems / components)


> 80 MHz: EOLE 80

EOLE 80 reverberation chambers are dedicated to automotive (tests on vehicles) + military/aeronautics


10 meter Chambers


HERMES 10 is the fruit of a long experience in anechoic chambers design and manufacturing.

Each request is analyzed anc subject to numerical calculations in order to optimize the dimensions and the electromagnetic performances of the chamber.

This type of chamber enables to perform full compliance radiated EMI measurements (10 m distance) and radiated EMS measurements according to CISPR 16-1-4, EN 50147-2, ANSI C63.4, EN 55022, CISPR 22, EN 55011, CISPR 11.

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